Releasology Courses

At the moment, all we have is PurePoints in Dublin, CA, on Saturdays, 12:30 to 1:30. The schedule for this class is likely to move to Sunday at 1pm. Soon we plan to start a PurePoints class in Los Gatos – probably on Tuesday evening at 7pm. We plan on having Releasology classes following the PurePoints classes at 8pm. Releasology classes will teach students to relieve pain in 24 different zones of the body. Become Releasology licensed in “Migraine Relief” or “Knee Pain Relief” or any of the 24 topics covered! This Tuesday night mashup will begin in a few weeks. We are only waiting on some new updates to the website designed to support the new Releasology classes. Stay tuned, and please try our PurePoints class! It’s like an hour of Releasology in a fitness class! I promise you will love it! PurePoints is for people who love getting Releasology and don’t mind giving a little. Releasology is for those who want to achieve a professional level ability to release muscles from spasm and relieve pain for real people with real pain!

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