Stomach – Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Hiccups




Releasology is about knowing which muscles cause pain and knowing how to release those muscles. This course provides the perfect memorization and learning exercise to achieve just that – in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Memorize the muscles – access memorization exercises (pdf files); print them out; use a red-pencil to draw muscles

Step 2 – Technique mastery – use videos of technique for every muscle related to this part of the body; practice the techniques until you can video your technique for critical review

Step 3 – Trainee treatment – provide Releasology for someone suffering from pain in this area

Benefits of course: 

  • We will add you to our referral network for customers looking for relief in this zone, unless we get a bad review.
  • Know how to provide Releasology on a massage table, yoga mat, gym, etc.
  • Acquire a Releasology License certificate to demonstrate legitimate training in Releasology for this zone of the body!

Price: Only $50

Required supplies: Sharpened red pencil, printer or access to printer, smart phone (video and photo), access to web, body to practice techniques on

Note: Step 3 treatments can only be provided in a pre-approved location, and scheduled through the website