Knee Joint


In this quick course, You will learn to perform Releasology techniques for each muscle. By releasing every muscle, pain is very likely to go away – become healed! Keep in mind that broken bones, sprained ligaments, damaged cartilage or infection are all possible causes of pain – that Releasology will not heal. Fortunately, pain is usually caused by simple spasms (tight muscles)



How muscles in spasm can cause pain in this region of the body, and what to do about it. Below, you will find lessons named after the muscles students are taught to release. Use each lesson to watch the video while practicing on a real body. Carefully, listen to all of the commentary. Complete the worksheet drawing exercises with a red pencil. Take a digital snapshot of each final rendition of each worksheet. Save the snapshot in a digital folder for you to use later. When you are ready begin the first lesson.