Finger, Thumb and Hand


In this quick course, You will learn to perform Releasology techniques for each muscle. By releasing every muscle, pain is very likely to go away – become healed! Keep in mind that broken bones, sprained ligaments, damaged cartilage or infection are all possible causes of pain – that Releasology will not heal. Fortunately, pain is usually caused by simple spasms (tight muscles), and when you have been trained to heal with your hands using Releasology, that’s not a problem!



Learn to heal pain in this region of the body by-hand. This course will walk you through each step of learning, so that you can perform Releasology effectively. Learn the names, location and function of every muscle related to issues in this body region and how to release it. Learn the cautions of working in this area, so that you can perform Releasology safely. Add this course to your shopping cart now! Because healing is a great skill to have!