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Prana map reflection on the feet – Releasology-Reflexology!

Welcome back! We start over again from the beginning with this upcoming class! We work our way from the ground to the sky in the next 7 weeks! The first class is, this coming Tuesday, July 18, from 7:30 to 9:30, will cover the reflex zones of the feet. The energy map of the body is mirrored on the feet. When pain, or dysfunction, occurs in the body, it can be found on the feet as a point of pain – a spot that is unusually painful to press on. By releasing these points, in our Releasology Yang/Yin way, the point on the foot will release and the organ, muscle, or basically the associated body area, will simultaneously begin to relax, feel better and pain melts away in the body! All of this by releasing the corresponding point on the feet.

Return to this post after the class to see the new videos of us in the class! Foot hygiene is more important in this class than any other! See you on Tuesday!

Click this link to see the Reflexology lesson!

Click anywhere on the mandala below and journey into the Element and Channel associated with where you clicked:

The image below shows the internal organs, and muscular system (in a distorted fashion) layered over the plantar aspect of the feet. The position of the organs and muscular system is incredibly accurate as far as real associations. The explanation for these associations can be found in the muscular chains that run through the body. A tendon attaching to a toe in the foot can come from the lower leg, and that muscle can contain contiguous fibers from muscles in the thigh and hip. And, so on, they say, as contiguous fibers arrive and attach directly to the organs and zones of the body to which they are associated in this chart because contiguous fibers running through muscle chains of synergists can explain most of this phenomenon. This chart makes it easy.

Cross-fiber palpate

Small Circle Palpation

Press where you find tensio


Communicate with Partner to receive feedback on the change in state of the associated body part you are working on while you work on the point for that body part on their foot.