Learn to Heal!

In this weekly class, learn to heal the most common forms of pain in every part of the body. Some areas of the body require more experience to work with than others, so we have divided the 17 Releasology, “Learn to Heal,” classes into two levels.

The Releasology Class Topic Curriculum

Level 1: – Tuesdays, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

  1. Knee and Thigh – Releasology Headquarters – Releasology Headquarters (Royal’s Office) – 7/11/17
  2. Introduction To Chi, Prana and Reflex Zones – 7/18/17
  3. Foot and Toes – Releasology Headquarters – 7/23/17
  4. Lower Leg and Ankle – Releasology Headquarters – 8/2/17
  5. Hand, Fingers and Thumb – Releasology Headquarters – 8/9/17
  6. Forearm, Carpal Tunnel and Elbow – Releasology Headquarters -8/16/17
  7. Upper Arm, Shoulder and Axilla – Releasology Headquarters – 8/23/17

Level 2: – Sundays at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

  1. Hip, Butt, Sciatica, Pelvis and Coccys – 7/16/17
  2. Low Back, Inguinal, Infertility, Vitality – 7/23/17
  3. Back and Spine – 7/30/17
  4. Abdomen and Viscera – 8/7/17
  5. Neck, Thyroid and Throat – 8/14/17
  6. Notox and Headache, TMD and Migraine – 8/21/17
  7. Ancient Medicine – Vata, Pita Kapha; Prana, 5 Elements; Chi; Chakra’s; Nadis – 8/28/17

Level 3: List of Releasology Masters in Training: Instructors and Healers: Call us at 408-876-7100 to schedule, or schedule on-line, on this site. See main links on homepage…

  • Chansada Sonesing
    • Available for Releasology Treatments:
    • Class location, day and time:
  • Sangeeta Paris
    • Available for Releasology Treatments:
    • Class location, day and time:
  • Yugan Yogi Sikri
    • Available for Releasology Treatments:
    • Class location, day and time:
  • Paola Castellucci
    • Available for Releasology Treatments:
    • Class location, day and time:

Level 1 “Learn To Heal” classes covers the hands, arms, feet and legs. These areas are where many  sports, and repetitive motion, injuries occur.

Level 2 “Learn To Heal,” classes covers how to heal common forms of pain in the head, neck, spin and core areas of the body. Students should complete all of the classes in Level 1, to develop hands-on experience, before attending Level 2 classes, or attempting Level 2 techniques.

Level 3 is the Instructor/Practitioner Level. After completing all of the Level 1, and Level 2, “Learn To Heal Body Pain,” classes, or completing an Intensive Releasology Workshop, Releasology students are ready to begin their journey as practitioners and instructors. To participate in Level 3, students must provide, a minimum of, at least one scheduled Releasology treatment per week. They must also teach, at least, one Releasology class per week. By the time Level 3 Releasology students have taught all “Learn To Heal Body Pain,” classes and provided a scheduled treatment for every topic covered in those classes, they qualify to become a Releasology Master. Then, a final exam with Royal Jacobs is required to complete this Level and qualify to certify Releasology Instructors!