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Introduction To Chi, Prana and Reflex Zones Class

Welcome back! We have a lot of updates! We will be looking for a new venue! Classes are growing! We now have 3 Levels of Releasology classes.

Level 1 will be held on Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 9:30 – beginning 7/11/17.

Level 2 will be held on Sundays, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm – beginning 7/16/17.

Level 3 is now an option too – you will need a night, or weekend shift, per week, to practice, at least, one real pain relief treatment, pet week. Also, you will need to locate a venue, and begin teaching a small Releasology, Level 1 class. This combination of activities is the only way to provide the rich learning environment needed to produce real “Healers.”

Level 3 training means, you teach a weekly class and you perform, at least, one Releasology treatment per week. By performing treatments and classes for all 18 Releasology Topics, you qualify to take a final exam with Royal.

Once you complete level 3, you qualify to:

  1. Teach a Releasology class,
  2. Certify Releasology instructors,
  3. Perform Releasology treatments
  4. Attend Releasology mastery classes, e.g, Anatomy Mastery, 5 Elements Mastery and other advanced Releasology topics!

Class returns from a two week break! I hope everyone had a fun, and safe, 4th of July!

We will follow the new curriculum outline, posted on the “Learn to Heal” page, going forward. We start this coming week, at the beginning – Foot Reflexology – Prana Reflex Zones on the Feet