Learn to Release it!

To learn how a Releasology Technique for this muscle watch the video/s. The best arrangement is to have a person who needs this muscle released, a massage table, internet access, maybe some massage oil, and try it.

Which other muscles could be released to help this one release?

If this muscle is difficult to release, the cause may be another muscle, or organ, on the same channel, or channel pair, is in spasm. Survey the other structures on the paired channels. If any blocked muscles, or organs, are detected, release the blocked energy. Then, return to this muscle for an easier release.

See Liver & Gall Bladder Channels


Memorize this Muscle!

  1. Printout 3, or more, copies of the worksheet for this muscle by clicking the link below.
  2. Using a Red Pencil, practice drawing the muscle as you remember it. Then, check your drawing by comparing it to the real illustration, above. Repeat this process until it “sinks in.” Notice, that you will have memorized both the way the muscle looks and its name after a few attempts at this exercise.

Print Memorization Worksheet