The formulas for enhancing beauty, releasing pain and improving physical performance, naturally – Releasology!

Learn how to use Releasology to address a specific body topic.

Releasology Workshops (7 workshops, 5 to 7 topics each)

A touring workshop and corresponding online course are available for each one of the seven sections, listed above! – Click here for the Releasology Workshop schedule
On-line or in-person (see workshop tour schedule) and become Releasology licensed (you get a certificate)!
Complete all 7 Releasology Workshops, including testimonial videos for each topic, and you qualify to become a Releasology Master – license your own team of Releasologists (Releasology providers).Releasology is divided into 7 body sections:
  1. Head, neck and face
  2. Upper torso
  3. Lower torso
  4. Shoulder, upper arm and elbow
  5. Forearm and Hand
  6. Hip, thigh and knee
  7. Lower leg, ankle and foot

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What is Releasology?

Releasology is the study, and practice, of releasing muscles from spasm to heal just about anything – A methodology created by Royal C. Jacobs is the storehouse for all of the information on hands-on healing that we have been able to consolidate, to date.

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Releasology strives to document and understand how every muscle in the body and every pain syndrome can be caused, or influenced, by muscles in spasm. Releasology also seamlessly integrates healing concepts from Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, e.g, subtle energy, energy channels and Western Science (human anatomy) to perfect the practice of releasing muscles by hand using techniques based on the flow of Prana (subtle energy, chi, etc). Through correct manipulation of release points, any muscle in the body can be released. This is the core skill that all releasology is based on. There are many ways to perform massage, stretching and acupressure techniques! And, many of these can be effective. But, the one’s that are effective all have one thing in common, they are releasing muscles from spasm, or they don’t work. Releasology is based on observation of many hands-on healing modalities to come up with the techniques that work the best. Releasology is divided into 24 body zones. We provide training in how to perform the release techniques for each muscle involved in causing a targeted pain syndrome. We also provide a fun, engaging, way to learn, or review, the anatomy, including: attachments, innervation and movements, and related Eastern Medicine concepts: nadis, channels and points related to each pain syndrome. .

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