Releasology Training Portal


Releasology is the study, and practice, of releasing muscles from spasm.

Releasology strives to document and understand how every muscle in the body and every pain syndrome can be caused, or influenced, by muscles in spasm. Releasology also seamlessly integrates healing concepts from Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, e.g, subtle energy, energy channels and Western Science (human anatomy) to perfect the practice of releasing muscles by hand using techniques based on the flow of Prana (subtle energy, chi, etc). Through correct manipulation of release points, any muscle in the body can be released. This is the core skill that all releasology is based on. There are many ways to perform massage, stretching and acupressure techniques! And, many of these can be effective. But, the one’s that are effective all have one thing in common, they are releasing muscles from spasm, or they don’t work. Releasology is based on observation of many hands-on healing modalities to come up with the techniques that work the best. Releasology is divided into 24 body zones. We provide training in how to perform the release techniques for each muscle involved in causing a targeted pain syndrome. We also provide a fun, engaging, way to learn, or review, the anatomy, including: attachments, innervation and movements, and related Eastern Medicine concepts: nadis, channels and points related to each pain syndrome. .



postThe most basic Releasology class is called PurePoints. PurePoints may be basic, but students never have a reason to stop attending. Every week, students exchange Releasology with another student in class. Relieve tig
ht muscles in the low back, legs, knees, feet, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. Each Purepoints technique is timed and demonstrated by the class instructor, so students simply follow along as the instructor leads the class.

Students can expect improvement in athletic performance, aesthetics and reduction in pain!


Releasology Elite Level

To begin this level, students must demonstrate the ability to release muscles using the “Re pulse!” This skill can be developed to an elite level by attending PurePoints classes! The Releasology Elite level teaches students the anatomical structures involved with most forms of chronic pain, athletic limitations and human aesthetics. It also covers the release techniques for each topic and ensures that students both learn to perform the techniques as well as demonstrate that they can achieve the goal of each topic. We want any Releasology Elite level student to show they can relieve real suffering for people suffering from real problems for 24 separate categories of human-body aches and pains!

3 Steps to Complete Each Module:

  1. Muscle Drawings – Anatomy Memorization Exercises for every muscle in a module
  2. Releasology Techniques for every muscle related to a module
  3. Provide a Releasology Treatment, as a “Trainee” for a real client suffering from issues associated with the module

There are 24 modules, in total. All 3 steps must be completed for each module to qualify for Releasology licensing in the treatment covered by the associated education module. Once a healer is Releasology licensed in a module, they can be added to the list of healers.

How do you score as a healer? Find out!