Releasology Training Portal

Releasology is one of the Worlds most effective healing modalities!

Releasology is also a healing practice that you can learn!

Releasology classes are a lot of fun! Come and join us, but we advise that you subscribe to this site, with our monthly membership, before you come to class. This website is used to teach the class. We ask students to refer to video instruction while the instructor/s circulate class to correct body mechanics, hand positioning, teach students our Yang-Yin release technique, and so on. The videos allow students to learn very specific techniques while other students can other specific techniques, and the instructor is freed up to provide more individual attention to each student! Releasology really is fun, and deeply satisfying to learn along the way! Releasology classes can be compared to martial arts classes…  The difference is, instead of learning to injure someone, you learn to heal!

Most forms of pain are simply caused by muscles in spasm. Releasology techniques are the simple ways of releasing the very muscles that cause pain! There are 2 Levels of classes with 7 classes for each level. By the end of the seventh class of the second level, students learn to heal every part of the body! Video demonstrations, and weekly updates, with an endless resource of clear explanations, and even clearer illustrations, to help you understand almost anything you might want to know about ancient medicine theories, human anatomy and how that information can be used to heal the body in useful, practical, ways.

Releasology classes also involve a Yoga- like section called, “U-Let-Go.”  The special sequences for U-Let-Go,” created by Yugan Yugi Sikri, will also be available on this site. 

All of these features are available from this portal!

Learn to heal by hand. When a friend, family member, client or patient is suffering from pain, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to help them? Now you can!  See our video for more information!

See our Video

Level 1 Class:

This class is made for anyone who is interested in learning Releasology.  You can come to just one class, or attend all seven classes to learn to heal common forms of pain with Releasology for all of the limb areas of the body – arms and legs.  Each 90 minute class will start with a step-by-step explanation of how to use pressure points with stretching to achieve release, followed by a demonstration of one of the Releasology Topics, followed by a chance to try performing techniques with class-partner , and finally a supervised hands-on exchange of Releasology treatments.  For more information or to pay for a  Level 1 class or package, click on the button below:

Level 1 Class

Level 2 Class:

In order to attend a Level 2 class you must successfully complete all 7 Level 1 classes and be recommend for Level 2.   This course is for student who wish to learn more advanced Releasology skills. It consist of 7 more classes which go deeper into the fundamentals of Releasology. For more information or to pay for a current Level 2 class or package, click on the button below:

Level 2 Class

Level 3 Class

The Level 3 class is the Instructor/Practitioner Level. After completing all of the Level 1, and Level 2, “Learn To Heal Body Pain,” classes, or completing an Intensive Releasology Workshop, Releasology students are ready to begin their journey as practitioners and instructors. To participate in Level 3, students must provide a minimum of one scheduled Releasology treatment per week. They must also teach at least one Releasology class per week. By the time Level 3 Releasology students have taught all “Learn To Heal Body Pain,” classes and provided a scheduled treatment for every topic covered in those classes, they qualify to become a Releasology Master. Then, a final exam with Royal Jacobs is required to complete this Level and qualify to certify Releasology Instructors!

Online Courses:

This website has a number of proprietary online master workshops for the healer including
Master Workshops on Muscular Anatomy, Ancient Medicine, Yoga, Marga, Feldenkrais and more.  All of this is accessible by subscribing to this website’s monthly access.

Monthly Access

November New Zealand Workshop:

Level 1 Releasolgy Workshop planned for November in New Zealand. Details coming soon – Hi Zaina! Hi Siman!